A Bedouin lifestyle

[O]ne of the greatest thrills of spending time under canvas is seeing the stars. We mean really seeing the stars, which is something that’s only possible in the desert without the light pollution that much of the world has to endure, especially in the large cities and metropolitan areas. At Wadi Rum we can offer the chance to see more stars than you ever thought possible!

[I]t’s not just the stars that make camping such a unique experience. Take the meals for instance. For anyone used to staying in luxury hotels (and we have plenty of those in Jordan), going to the restaurant and waiting for the waiter to take your order or perhaps joining the queue for the buffet, there is something very different about watching your meal being unearthed from an underground oven. Sitting around a campfire and talking over the day’s events is also very different to slouching in a big armchair in a comfortable lounge. And somehow, the local entertainment seems more authentic in this environment than it sometimes does in a big hotel.

[T]here are many different types of camp but most of them have large tents with comfortable beds and clean, efficient bathroom facilities. It may not quite be a luxury hotel but it will provide you with an experience that lives long in the memory. Part of that experience may well include the opportunity to ride on a camel and even follow in the footsteps of one of the best known camel riders of them all around here – Lawrence of Arabia.